Meet Our Team


Meet DF staffer, but also the brains behind the operation, Chris. he founded DF, originally called ‘Men in Uniform,’ in May 2020. Chris is not only a Journeyman Painter & Decorator, but he taught the trade. He is also an army vet, having served in the British army, and toured in Iraq.

For 6-7 years Chris also owned and operated a SFX, cosplay & propmaking business, primarily focused on Fall-Out, shipping items globally and attending comic expos. This talent for creating and building, is what evolved into Deep Fantasies Inc.

Fun Facts…

Fave Design: Xenomorph

Fave Colour Combo: UV Yellow mixed with Seafoam

Go to Board Game: Uckers

Top Fantasy Flick: Princess Bride


Debbie, jumped into DF pretty much full-time in January 2021, and prior to that would help casually. her career has primarily been in health and human services for more than a decade. Working with people from birth, to death (literally). Throughout it all she managed social media and websites, because often she was the only one with the skill or interest, so it was like a default extra hat.

For the past two years Debbie has also been operating ‘Digital with Deb’, as a digital marketing coach - teaching regular peeps how to build successful businesses online. hence why one of her roles with DF is social media, marketing, and communications.

As a highly creative person, Debbie also loves to Knit, Paint, Write… and pour Silicone! She’s a mom of two, her soulmates are Golden Retrievers, and she drinks a lot of Tea. Plus she’s a yoga teacher and reiki master.

Fun Facts…

Fave Design: Kae

Fave Colour Combo: Solid black marbled with Moonstone

Go to Board/Card Game: You’ve Got Crabs

Top Fantasy Flick: Harry Potter (probably Goblet of Fire)


Meet Kayla! She joined DF in April 2021. She does all the shop helper duties - cleans the cups of cured silicone, trims ALL the teeny weenies, packages orders, and ALSO pours toys! She’s also been known to show up late, have fun bevies during work hours, watch A LOT of Tiktok, and make silly videos. She isn’t called the “World’s Okayest Employee” for nothing. HAHAHA

Kayla is also a rockstar single mom of two, a dogmom of a spoiled Doodle and a tiny Kitty named Eevee! She likes camping, used to operate heavy equipment (this is why we thought she’d be a good addition to DF), and she makes a wicked Apple Pie.

Fun Facts…

Fave Design: Lushen

Fave Colour Combo: Dusky Purple with Voodoo

Go to Board Game: Monopoly

Top Fantasy Flick: Lord of the Rings

About Deep Fantasies Inc

Welcome to Deep Fantasies Inc.

We have enjoyed providing quality fantasy adult-toys since May 2020, and as we have grown our business and team, we look forward to bringing you even more of what you’ve come to expect from us.

Deep Fantasies is located in Alberta, Canada, and we ship globally.

Our company was born from the desire to create quality products, with integrity, and respect for all people, preferences, and fantasies. We are also proud LGBTQ+ allies.

Through an evolution of years of cosplay/SFX/propmaking, delving into adult-toys was a welcome challenge. Applying skills, techniques and product knowledge to a new niche, and seeing how it has expanded has been very rewarding.

We look forward to helping you fulfill your deep fantasies, with custom, artisan adult-toys; that are body-safe and hand-crafted.