Kegel Eggs: A Comprehensive Guide to Kegel Exercises

Kegel Eggs: What Are They and How To Use Them?

Kegel eggs are small, ball or egg-shaped devices that are made from a variety of materials, including silicone, plastic, metal, glass, and sometimes stone. Deep Fantasies, uses platinum cure silicone to make eggs, in a few different sizes and designs; such as, dragon eggs and alien eggs - preference will be based on your fantasy.

Sometimes kegel eggs go by different names; so you may have heard of ben wa balls, kegel balls, love balls, jiggle balls, or geisha balls, for example - and although they may be shaped slightly differently, or come in various weights and sizes, they're all used with the same premise.

Kegel eggs are used with the intention of exercising the pelvic floor muscles and strengthening the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which are responsible for supporting the bladder, reproductive organs, and other organs in the lower abdomen. When used correctly, Kegel eggs can help strengthen these muscles and improve sexual performance, or even just add some spice to the bedroom.

What are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises were developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s. He found that regular, targeted exercises of the pelvic floor muscles can improve bladder control, reduce the risk of prolapse, and increase sexual pleasure. Today, Kegel exercises are recommended by doctors and popular among women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel exercises are fairly simple and can be done in a variety of ways. They involve contracting, or squeezing, the pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds and then relaxing them. Think of the squeezing action that takes place when trying to hold your pee (be honest, you're doing it right now, aren't you? feel those squeeze and hold to the count of five... exhale, and release). This can be done lying down, sitting, or standing. Kegel exercises can also be done with equipment specifically designed for this purpose, such as Kegel eggs.

How to Use Kegel Eggs

Kegel eggs are easy to use and can be inserted into the vagina, just like a tampon. Before you begin, make sure you’ve chosen the right size for your body. Kegel eggs come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to find one that’s comfortable for you. Deep Fantasies kegel eggs start at approximately 2" diameter for the dragon and alien eggs, and we also have a large size at a 2.75" diameter, called the Siren's Treasure.

Once you’ve chosen the right size, it’s time to insert the egg.

1. Start by washing your hands and your eggs with a mild soap.

2. Choosing your fave non-silicone lubricant, get yourself and your eggs ready - lube the eggs and your vaginal entrance.

3. Lay on your back and insert your egg(s). Once inside you will be able to feel the eggs with your fingers. They should feel comfortable and secure. Remember, every body is different, and pain has no gain.

4. Now feel free to practice the focused contraction/relaxation kegel exercises, or enjoy as mentioned below.

When you’re ready to remove the egg(s),

1. Use your pelvic floor muscles to push the egg out, using your fingers to help scoop.

Yes, I KNOW, this can be daunting, and cause a panic, where you may be calling on your partner to help you while you start babbling about the need for medical assistance... but before you grab your kitchen tongs, or head to the hospital...

2. Get in a squat position that can help the process, and use extra lubricant to make things slide a little more. Even sitting on a toilet can help, but be sure to catch the eggs.

3. When you’re finished, make sure to wash, dry, and store the egg(s) properly.

Again, it's important to note, if you feel pain... Stop. Don't hold those focused kegel contractions for more than five seconds at a time...nobody wants strained vag muscles. And always consult your physician if you have pelvic or gynaecologic concerns.

Using Kegel Eggs During Sex or On the Go

Not only can kegel eggs be used alone and for specific kegel exercises, but they can also be used for 'fun', and with a partner. Exploring the fun fantasy side of egg use can add a little spice to the bedroom, if you're up for the adventure. Eggs can be used in combination with Ovipositors, such as those made by Deep Fantasies; the Necarras and the Celvin, which simulate an 'egg laying' scenario. You can also venture into the realm of anal play, while eggs are inserted in the vagina, to add pressure to the G-spot.

(Please note, Deep Fantasies eggs, and kegel eggs in general, ARE NOT anal safe or intended for this purpose.)

Outside of the bedroom, one can insert eggs, and go about their daily tasks. Imagine vacuuming or going on a little stroll with the addition of kegel eggs. Not only are you practising kegel exercises, it could also be a naughty prelude to what will come later, readying the vagina by increasing circulation and natural lubrication. Think 50 Shades, and the scene where Ana wears ben wa balls to dinner for a little foreplay, and also for added sensation during a little spanking - now doesn't that get the eyebrows waggling.

Kegel Eggs at Deep Fantasies

All in all, if you're up for some kegel egg adventures, you can start here.

Deep Fantasies has a few options in the kegel egg department, beginning with Dragon or Alien Eggs. Both of these options comes with three eggs per set - each egg measuring around 1.7" diameter at the widest point.

Next we have the Salacia's Jewel, a studded silicone egg, coming in at a 2.14" diameter, and sold individually.

Lastly, the largest of our eggs, the Siren's Treasure, also sold individually, and 2.75" diameter.

All of our body-safe silicone fantasy kegel eggs, can be customized with your choice of firmness and up to two colour options, with no extra cost.

Have fun and play safe, while exploring your Deep Fantasies.



Kegel Eggs: What Are They and How to Use Them

These Eggs are looking for a nice warm spot to incubate! A set of 3 Dragon OR Alien (kegel) eggs in a colour mixing of your choosing. These soft, smooth and squishy eggs are great for vaginal fun; but not recommended or safe for anal play. Whichever…