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    What is an Ovipositor?

    An Ovipositor toy is a hollow dildo, with a hole at the base and at the tip. It is flexible and can be filled with fantasy silicone kegel eggs. Once filled, the eggs can be ejected from the top of the ovipositor toy by squeezing the shaft.

    How to Use an Ovipositor?

    Deep Fantasies Ovipositor toys are made from soft body-safe silicone to allow them to flex and stretch, accommodating up to three of the fantasy kegel eggs. First to load the ovipositor egg layer, you will need to lubricate the eggs and push them one by one into the hole at the base of the toy.

    When ready, you can insert the egg layer into the vagina and squeeze the ovipositor to expel the eggs out of the top.

    Ovipositor Toy Egg Recommendations

    For more information on Kegel Eggs and How to Use Them, please visit the Deep Fantasies blog

    Silicone Kegel Eggs are only meant for vaginal use. Never use silicone eggs anally. If you would like to try your ovipositor for anal play, you will want to explore making, or purchasing, Gelatin Love Eggs - as they will dissolve with body heat.

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