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    What are Grinder Toys?

    Grinder toys are used for external stimulation, by rubbing sensitive body parts, such as genitalia, against the textured silicone surface. Grinder toys come in a variety of shapes, and sizes, along with many unique designs and textured surfaces.

    How to Use Grinder Toys?

    Choose the grinder toy that works best for you, some of the options found by Deep Fantasies include straps to make the grinder hands free and easy for straddling, while others can be used in the hand or on the end of a dildo for differing positions and varying control.

    Whichever option you choose, be sure to use lubrication for pleasurable glide and friction against sensitive genitals, or even on the nipples.

    Why Grinding?

    Grinding and humping are an excellent way to enjoy external stimulation. This can be done with a partner or a toy, where the genitals are being rubbed and creating pleasurable friction.

    If one has a sensitive clit, the act of grinding can be a perfect solution without over-stimulation, or penetration. Providing constant pressure on the vulva and clit, can be a great combination for 'outercourse'.

    For those with a penis, the act of grinding, is just another way to stimulate the organ - much like the rubbing action that takes place during masturbation, oral, and penetrative sex.

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