Coral Grinder Deep Fantasies
Coral Grinder Deep Fantasies
Coral Grinder Deep Fantasies
Coral Grinder Deep Fantasies

Coral Grinder

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Coral Grinder, Fantasy Silicone Grinding Toy

  • Body safe silicone sex toy
  • Customize your own Coral Grinding toy, in one - two colours of your choice

Perfectly sized for the palm of your hand, the Coral Grinder body-safe silicone grinding toy, features a wild and wavy design, with ridges and grooves traversing the surface.

How to Use the Coral Grinding Toy:

Intended for external stimulation of the genitalia, add some lubricant to the surface of the Coral Grinder and guide it to action. Controlling the pressure and movements to your desire.

The Coral Grinder's round shape fits well in the palm of your hand, for ultimate control;

or can be suctioned to a surface to ride and grind against, using one of Deep Fantasies Double-Sided Suction Cups;

as well as, can be suctioned to the base of your favourite dildo, using the double-sided suction cup, flipping it around in the moment you're ready for penetrative action, or even for dual use with a partner.

Works with Double-Sided Suction Cup, Size: Medium

Height: 1.75"
Diameter: 3.25"
Weight: 6 oz


  • colours are poured together and will intermix in the model. A 'fast' marble can create less blending of the colours, whereas a 'slow' marble will have the colours mix and blend quite a bit.


  • colours are poured in a layering swirl, similar to a candy cane effect


  • colours are poured in distinct areas (ex. sucker area of the tentacle one colour, and the body/shaft a different colour; the lower part of the bull one colour, split at the medial ring so the upper part is a different colour)


  • colours are poured on top of each other, where the top colour is poured first and blends/mixes down into the bottom colour.

One Colour

  • choose one colour throughout your item. Some products only allow for one colour, which is indicated by the options on the listing.

What does ‘shore hardness’ mean?

Shore Hardness is a measure of the resistance a material has to indentation. There are different Shore Hardness scales for measuring the hardness of different materials (soft rubbers, rigid plastics, and supersoft gels, for example). These scales were invented so that people can discuss these materials and have a common point of reference.


What shore hardness does Deep Fantasies offer?

Deep Fantasies offers three different firmness options (depending on the toy).

There are different factors to consider when choosing your firmness; such as, how thick the toy is, the height of a toy, your personal preference, etc. Generally, we recommend toys that are small & thin, or tall & thin are done in Medium or Firm. Whereas larger toys are better in Soft or Medium. If a toy is tall/small & thin, and you choose soft, it may not stand well on its own or be floppy. A large toy made in firm could turn out quite hard and dense.

If you have specific questions about what firmness to choose based on the toy you’re purchasing, please feel free to reach out.

(You cannot choose firmness on strokers, egg depositor, or sheaths. For the function of the toy, and the molding process, these are made in softer silicone)

How do you measure the shore hardness?

The different Shore Hardness scales measure the resistance of a material to indentation. A ‘Shore Hardness' gauge (looks like a round tire pressure gauge) has a needle on a spring protruding from one end. The needle is placed against the rubber or plastic and pressure is applied.
Once the gauge is pressed firmly against the material and the needle has penetrated as far as it can go, the measurement needle will indicate the corresponding hardness measurement.

In general a batch of silicone rated as a specific hardness will result in that hardness when tested - however, each batch can have slight variance. For example, a current batch that is ‘0050 Medium’, could come out slightly softer, or slightly harder, than a batch we’ve used in the past.

Care Instructions

  • Wash with odourless, non-abrasive soap and warm water, or use a silicone toy cleaner. Avoid perfumed or antibacterial soaps, as they can leave a residue.
  • Clean before and after every use.
  • All Deep Fantasies toys are dishwasher safe, and can also be boiled.
  • Always dry your toy completely before storing.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as UV rays break down silicone at an accelerated rate.
  • Do Not use silicone based lubricants with your Deep Fantasies toy.
  • Platinum cure silicone toys CANNOT be stored with non-platinum silicone toys.

How long does it take to make my order?

Deep Fantasies has a 3 - 5 week production timeline from date of purchase (this is also noted in the banner of our website). This means your order will be made and leave our shop 3 - 5 weeks after purchase. If you order on a weekend, the 3-5 week timeline will begin on the next business day.

During peak holiday times, the production timeline increases to 4 - 6 weeks (November thru January).

The production timeline does not include a delivery timeline from the postal service/courier. We do not offer an option to expedite the production process, and all orders will be made in queue based on order date. Except for those items we have on hand, and pre-made; such as teenie weenies, firmness pucks, Squirt squishies, and random colour Dragon/Alien Eggs - which will leave our shop much sooner, if they are not purchased at the same time as custom items.

Can I request alterations to already listed items?

Absolutely. At our discretion, we can alter any of our toys; height and girth. Custom moulds usually take a few extra days, and we charge a minimum $100 for the new mould creation.

Do you take custom design requests?

If you do not see a design that fits your needs in our shop, we are open to discussing custom designs with you. If we are able to take on the project, we will charge a minimum $250 design fee to begin the process. However, we do not take on all custom design requests, for various reasons.

Item Usage.

Deep Fantasies Inc. is not responsible for any injury or harm that may be caused by these novelty items, nor can we suggest how they are used once purchased, nor do we offer medical advice. Please use your best judgment and follow safety precautions, and know your own bodily limitations.

Refunds, Cancellations, and Returns.

Please See our TERMS OF SERVICE for information on Refunds, Cancellations and Returns.

Cancellations must be requested within 24 hrs of purchase. After this ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

What are the toys made from?

At Deep Fantasies we use only 100% Platinum Cure Silicone, from Smooth-On. This ensures it is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and has exceptional durability. The liquid and cosmetic mica pigments we use are then mixed and encapsulated in the silicone, rendering it inert, so they will never come in contact with the body.

We never use glitter in our products. Glitter is not body-safe, and the sharp edges of the glitter flakes have the potential to cut silicone and migrate out of the product. Any shimmer/sparkle effect in our products is created by the cosmetic mica pigments.

We at Deep Fantasies Inc. are aware of our customers desire for body-safe toys, especially in an unregulated industry. If regulations on sex products develop in the future, or we determine there to be better materials for production, we will of course pivot to provide the best possible items for our valued customers.

What are the different Silicone density options offered by Deep Fantasies?

We use the density options as described by Smooth-On, so that you can easily find more information about density online. However it is important to note, that the density of silicone can feel different from one product to the next due to varying factors; type/amount of pigment used, size/shape of toy model, batch number of silicone.

Options Available:

    • Super Soft EcoFlex 00-20 -used only for strokers. This silicone is quite squishy and has a slight tacky feeling to it. Comparable to soft human flesh.
    • Soft EcoFlex 00-30 - an option for dildos, and used for all sheaths. Comparable to a squishy gummy bear.
    • Medium EcoFlex 00-50 - an option for dildos, and used for grinder pads. Comparable to a gel shoe insole.
    • Firm Dragon Skin 10A - an option for dildos. Comparable to a rubber band ball.

    For further information on Silicone, you can see the drop-down menus available on each product listing. Or feel free to reach out with further questions.

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